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I have a passion for helping children to become more aware and understanding of our differences. 

My children's picture books (Binkie & Friends’ Adventures) are intended to be informative, but at the same time they aim to capture the children’s imaginations through the use of vibrant illustrations and memorable characters. Each book is written in rhyming verse and includes a few fun quizzes after the story to keep the children engaged for even longer. 


‘Say Hello to Hedgy’ is the third book in the series and is special because it explores the subject of neurodiversity. In this positive book, Hedgy the hedgehog describes his social and sensory differences.


My autistic son was the victim of school bullying and this inspired me to create a series of books to educate young children about our differences, with the aim of promoting empathy and kindness in the world. 


‘Say Hello to Hedgy’ is now part of the ‘West Sussex County Council Autism for Schools’ Project’ and earlier this year, the ‘Sussex NHS Foundation Trust’ purchased a number of my books to place in their clinics to help parents/carers of newly diagnosed autistic children. 


How Hattie Hears is the fifth book in the series was published on 4th May 2024, in time for 'Deaf Awareness Week'. A sixth book is also underway, which will inform about ‘Developmental Language Disorder’.


Books are available from Julie's online shop or from a number of other outlets including Waterstones.


Julie is a member of the Society of Authors and the Writers' Guild of Great Britain (WGGB).

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