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See what amazing conversations come from reading, 'Say Hello to Hedgy'.

Meet Hedgy who sometimes feels misunderstood. Hedgy sees the world in a different way to that of many of his friends. In this book Hedgy explains how he feels and thinks. The pictures illustrate some of the daily challenges that Hedgy encounters and describes what his friends can do to make things easier for him. A little understanding from others can make all the difference!

The aim of this book is to encourage conversations about different ways for thinking, feeling and behaving. The underlying message is that it's ok to be different and everyone should be themselves. A little more empathy and understanding from those around us is all that is needed. For children aged 2 and beyond! Includes a few fun puzzles too!

Julie would like to extend a special thank you to the staff at Aspens Charities for their advice and guidance in making the book. 

I am pleased to announce that one lucky winner guessed the name of Hedgy's cousin. It's Spike! A Hedgy t-shirt will be going out in the post shortly. Well done!